native american creek made spear

A multi-purpose tool that has been used for thousands of years, the spear can take a buffalo to the ground and catch a fish right out of the water! Spears were the preferred weapon of many Native American tribes as they were simple to make and required little training to use (though plenty of practice to master).

Different size spears were made depending on the animal that was being hunted, and embellishments like feathers, horsehair and symbols were added for success before a hunt.

The first hunting spears were created from wooden shafts and arrowheads, while later versions often substituted a handmade metal tip or one made of bone for the arrowhead. The materials use to make the tip changed by tribe and location, depending on the area’s resources.

As time passed and attributes continued to develop, spears were used less frequently for hunting; although they still make a great tool for fishing. Replaced by the bow and arrow, spears became ornamental and ceremonial pieces detailed with symbols of strength and as a representation of status.

If you are looking for an ornamental spear of your own, Kachina House offers a variety of spears handmade by Navajo, Creek and Tohono O’oodham artists. Available in many different sizes and styles, these spears are attractive ornamental pieces and a beautiful reminder of Native American history, perfect for hanging above your mantle.

View our selection online or contact our Sedona, Arizona shop by phone for assistance finding a particular style spear.

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