native american algonquin made lakota designed beaded knife sheath

Versatile tools used for hunting, throwing, preparing food and crafting goods, knives were carried by men and women alike. Knives played an important role in daily life, and the earliest versions were made from sharpened stone. Later, bone, copper and antler were also used.

Such an important tool was made with great care and detail, each piece tells a unique story. Fur, feathers and beads were some of the materials most often used to decorate a knife, and each tribe has a decorating style that is all its own.

native american cherokee made beaded bone knifeThrowing knives were created with proper weight in mind, as they were often used in battle. Since using a throwing knife successfully takes a great deal of skill, it became something of an art form among members of a tribe.

While most knives were carried in sheaths at the waist, the smallest versions were hung around ones neck for easy access. Knife sheaths were typically created from leather, handstitched and detailed with beads in traditional patterns.

The introduction of steel by European settlers greatly changed the design of Native American knives, making them more durable and easy to sharpen.

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