8 Responses to Why is Turquoise Significant in Native American Culture?

  1. It is so nice to see that our people who are the true inhabitants of this Country are making a difference with the stories and the history of our people and making a difference with jewelery making and Art. Thank You Kachina House❤

  2. I don’t see many colors that being a Cherokee descendant that matches several colors that we love. Turquoise is at the top of our list, Red and Black! We don’t really consider white a part of our colors much but I do consider Bright Pink and Purple one of our colors as well!

    • This particular article was on turquoise only. We have quite a number of pieces that have coral and jet (red and black), as well as shell (white or yellow). The bright pick and purple, you can find those colors in some of our other beaded pieces, like hair barrettes.

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