Kachina House, nestled in the surreal landscapes of Sedona, Arizona, marks its 20th year as the premier destination for acquiring Native American art, showcasing an extensive collection of pottery, Katsinam and kachinas, jewelry, artifacts and more.

From our well-appointed showroom/warehouse, recommended by local tour guides, to our comprehensive online store, we offer collectors and enthusiasts around the world a chance to own a piece of Native American heritage. Our collections range from traditional Hopi Katsinam dolls and Navajo etched pottery to exquisite jewelry including bolos and necklaces, and Zuni fetishes.

Kachina House History & Founders

Beginning in 2004, Kachina House grew  from the passion of three remarkable women: Toby Frank, Judy Frank, and Patty Topel, each bringing a unique perspective and dedication to the preservation of North American indigenous cultures.

Toby hails from Pittsburgh, PA, with a rich background in intercultural communication and education. Her journey into Native American culture began with her travels across the Southwest, driven by a desire to explore the art and history of the Katsinam and fetishes.

Judy also grew up in Pittsburgh and spent her career in law and university-level international education. Her love for Southwestern Native pottery and textiles inspired her eventual move to Sedona, where she fully immersed herself in the local culture and arts scene.

Patty, originally from Great Falls, MT, has utilized her artistic skills in various capacities throughout her life, from magazine design to crafting book visuals. Her move to Sedona was fueled by a love for warmer climates and a profound respect for Native American artifacts and history.

From the Owners

Toby Frank, Judy Frank and Patty Topel have had the opportunity to meet and get to know many Native Americans over the years and listen to their stories. Most of the Native people are eager to share with people who respect the culture and wish to hear more stories and learn more about the arts and crafts these unique people have created.

As owners of a shop promoting Native arts and crafts we have been able to take what we have learned from the Native Americans and share it with our wider world. By doing this, we hope that we have offered education and enlightenment to a few people through the years.

We are grateful for the support and the wonderful reviews we have received throughout two decades. We hope to continue to learn and share cultural stories for many more years.

To all who have walked this path with us, from the artists crafting their beautiful works to our customers around the globe, thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Here’s to celebrating 20 incredible years at Kachina House and to many more years of collaboration, learning, and preservation of Native American arts.

Thank you for 20 wonderful years and for being part of our journey!