When the name “Sleeping Beauty” echoes, minds often drift to the enchanting Disney princess. Today our focus is not on fairy tales; it’s on bracelets adorned with stones so breathtaking they’re fit for royalty. 

While all turquoise holds its own charm with its distinctive blue hue and matrix, Sleeping Beauty turquoise emerges as a beacon of elegance. Revered for its ethereal light blue color and a pristine appearance characterized by minimal to no matrix, it stands in a league of its own.

Read on to learn about the history and distinguishing features of Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

The History of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

The name “Sleeping Beauty” isn’t just a whimsical moniker; it holds a story. The name of the mountain (Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Globe, Arizona) comes from the fact that the mountain range resembles a sleeping woman. It’s worth noting that the Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine was shut down in 2012. New owners decided to focus solely on copper mining. Turquoise is a natural by-product of copper, but was not highly sought after at that time; there was more money in copper mining. 

Native American Navajo Made Pendant with Turquoise

Native American Navajo Made Pendant with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Unique Craftsmanship

To make Sleeping Beauty jewelry, Native American artisans use techniques passed down through generations. Sterling silver, meticulously crafted beads, and the stunning blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise come together in a symphony of beauty and craftsmanship.

Native American Navajo Made Ring with Turquoise

Native American Navajo Made Ring with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

The Value of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

What sets Sleeping Beauty turquoise apart? It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about rarity and quality. The stone’s limited supply and unparalleled color make it a coveted gem. Its pure, sky-blue hue is both soothing and mesmerizing, reflecting the essence of the American Southwest. Sleeping beauty turquoise may be expensive, but if you own a piece, you own a treasure that’s rare and of great value.

Native American Navajo Made Cuff Bracelet with Turquoise

Native American Navajo Made Cuff Bracelet with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Distinguishing the Real Deal

So, how can you identify genuine Sleeping Beauty turquoise? Imitations may mimic the color, but they lack the durability. Check for lumps, peeling color, and scrutinize the price. Authentic stones won’t scuff easily, so give it a gentle scrape with your nail – a real stone won’t flinch.

Beware of impostors – epoxy resin, plastic, or howlite masquerading as the real deal. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Authenticity comes at a cost, and with Sleeping Beauty turquoise, you get what you pay for.

Vintage Native American Navajo Made Two-Strand Turquoise Bracelet

Vintage Native American Navajo Made Two-Strand Turquoise Bracelet

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