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If you’re an avid explorer like most of us at Kachina House, then what lies ahead of you are 40,000 acres of bright red Aztec sandstone enveloped in a breathtaking limestone mountain range.

Valley of Fire State Park Map

It’s Valley of Fire State Park, of course!

The vibrant name stems from the experience of watching the sun shine on the vibrant red rock; it’s as almost as if the whole area is consumed by flames.

Come along with us on our travels!

Dive into the lively adventure in Valley of Fire with us and see all that the attraction has to offer!

Rainbow Vista Trail is any hiker’s dream

This short, but beautiful journey takes you through a sandy trail and up about 150 feet in total so that you can feast your eyes on the Fire Canyon Overlook. It’s a pretty easy feat to accomplish, offering approximately a mile and a half of hiking round-trip.

From the overlook, you will be able to take in a 360° view of the colorful valley, without the type of crowd you’d see at the Grand Canyon. This means you will have your own unique experience all to yourself whether you cherish the tranquility or are looking for more uninterrupted space to take that photo-op.

Feast your eyes on the Beehives

You don’t have to go searching for this sight in Valley of Fire State Park; the Beehives sandstone formation can be easily seen from the road. This unusual sight features grooved lines on its surface and in no particular direction.

It’s called geologic cross bedding.

The Beehives are like the calendar of Valley of Fire. With each rigid line in the unique rock formation, a different period of time is documented. How the wind was blowing, the angle the water was moving over the sandstone layers, and the different materials that were deposited at that time are all elements that built the Beehives.

Elephant Rock in Nevada


Experience the Elephant Rock

The infamous arch set right outside of the east entrance of the park is a must-see on your travels.

This natural sandstone formation is an oddity in itself, and if you haven’t already figured it out from it’s given name, the arch has unusually taken on the shape of an elephant.


Uncover the mystery of the Balancing Rock

Just a quarter mile from the Visitor Center, is yet another unexplained formation that exists in Valley of Fire State Park.

Standing approximately 20 feet tall is the Balancing Rock. The so-called “head” of this rock formation looks as though it is balancing atop it’s supporting column since the head is protruding, and the column shrinks just below it.

Whether it’s truly balancing or not, it’s a sight that you just have to see with your own eyes!

Stroll down White Domes Trail

Next let’s embark on a little over a mile-long hike along White Domes Trail. Along this path you will be able to take in an ever-evolving landscape, giving you something new to view every step of the way.

The trail head begins at the end of White Domes Road, arguably one of the most scenic routes in the park. The trail is given its name due to the variety of dome-shaped formations and ridges that rise above you as you walk.

Seven Sisters in NevadaSeek out the Seven Sisters

As the name Seven Sisters suggests, Valley of Fire State Park is home to seven tall, eroded boulders that stand watching over the sandy landscape. These rock towers have been able to withstand the elements and erosion, and that’s why it’s a miracle they’re still standing.

However, that might not be the case hundreds of years down the road—not that we’ll be around, but to be able to see these sisters in their prime would be a great life feat.

Explore the Atlatl Rock

On a boulder set 50 feet off the ground, you can view ancient Native American petroglyphs. The boulder is located on the Scenic Loop Road and metal stairs make it easy to see this rock art up close.

The boulder got its name from one of the 4,000-year-old petroglyphs drawn on it; an atlatl which is a tool to throw spears and darts.

Don’t miss the Arch Rock

Also, along the Scenic Loop, you will find the ever-popular Arch Rock, a beautiful and natural structure that unfortunately is weakening with time. Be sure to put this sight on your travel bucket list as the arch truly is one of the most interesting natural formations to see in Nevada.

Valley of Fire State Park is just a short drive west, only 5 hours from Kachina House; perfect for a day trip!

It won’t take you long to explore and discover the amazing monuments, trails and outlooks that this park has to offer—a day in Valley of Fire State Park is probably perfect. However, if you’re interested in spending more time in the park, there are campgrounds and RV sites available to use.

Open from sunrise to sunset, the intriguing trails await! It’s time to start planning your trip to Valley of Fire!

Sedona Rocks! is a travel series created by our team at Kachina House. It consists of not only the top sights to see, but our personal favorite things to do and explore, because like we said: Sedona rocks! Stay tuned for our next adventure in Sedona itself! From the Vortexes to the Red Rock State Park, we’ll have your Sedona itinerary covered.

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