Mata Ortiz Pottery


The techniques that shaped Mata Ortiz pottery, also known as Casas Grandes pottery, were conceived in pre-Columbian times.

Mata Ortiz PotteryThe history of Mata Ortiz pottery is built on this art form that disappeared, along with the city in which it was born in called Paquimé. But that all changed when a young boy from Mata Ortiz, Juan Quezada, happened upon sherds of pottery from this lost art and started the revival that has brought us the beautiful Mata Ortiz pottery of today.

The making of Mata Ortiz Pottery

We visited artists Paty and Fernando Rodriquez who hand-build and intricately hand-paint these one-of-a-kind pieces of art. They gave us a closer look at the creation of the Mata Ortiz pottery, explaining about the time and care necessary to make each piece.

The process is lengthy, and, in the end, they’ll have created this unique pottery, crafted with the techniques used by indigenous potters for hundreds of years.

From pots and wedding vases to effigies, ornaments and jewelry, the intricate methods and beauty of this once-lost art is now preserved through the Mata Ortiz pottery of today.

Witness the making of Mata Ortiz pottery with us from the delicate painting of the design to the firing process. Check out the video below and explore the collection of Mata Ortiz pottery available at Kachina house!