A ritual that has been performed for hundreds of years, smudging is a way to cleanse your home and self, removing negative energy and purifying the space around you to create an aura of positivity. The prayer fan or feather plays an important role in the smudging ceremony, directing the smoke in its travels, sending your prayer to the heavens and drawing healing from the skies. Also used in ceremonial dances and wedding ceremonies, prayer fans are an essential component of Native American life.

sage, sweet grass and abalone shellMaterials Needed

Besides the prayer fan or feather, sage, sweet grass and an abalone shell are essential items in a cleansing ceremony. Each has a different meaning, and these pieces work together to bring balance and positivity to your home. A purifier, sage helps to drive away negativity while the sweet grass attracts positive energy. Many individuals perform smudging daily, cleansing their homes and selves from negative spirits. For more information on smudging, we recommend reading “The Smudging and Blessings Book: Inspirational Rituals to Cleanse and Heal.”

Ornamental Fans and Feathers

Often given as gifts to help heal the heart, prayer fans and feathers are a beautiful crafted token of love and friendship. Created with brightly colored feathers, leather and beads, each of our prayer fans is a one-of-a-kind instrument to assist in healing.

Here at Kachina House, we have a wide variety of Cherokee, Creek, Navajo and Hopi made prayer fans available. Shop our online selection here or visit our Sedona, Arizona shop at 2920 Hopi Drive.