Hopi Carved Eototo Katsina Doll

Three important figures that appear during the Powamuya Ceremony celebrated in February, Eototo, Aholi and Ahola bring with them the promise of a bountiful harvest. While Eototo visits on all three Mesas, Aholi visits only on Third Mesa and Ahola visits on First and Second Mesas.


Hopi Carved Old Style Eototo Katsina DollThe husband of Hahai-i Wuhti and the father of all Katsinam, Eototo is the spiritual counterpart of the village chief and is knowledgeable about all the ceremonial dances and rituals performed throughout the year. He appears at Powamuya with Aholi, performing a ritual that draws clouds and moisture into the Pueblo, ensuring a fruitful season ahead.

Eototo also makes an appearance during the Niman dance, leading the Katsinam home to the San Francisco Peaks until their winter return to the Hopi villages. A rather plain figure, Eototo is depicted wearing all white, with orange and blue embroidery and feathers upon his head.


Hopi Carved Aholi Priest Katsina DollCalled Eototo’s Lieutenant, Aholi is a high priest who visits the Hopi people with Eototo on Third Mesa during the Powamuya Ceremony. With brightly colored robes and a tall blue helmet, Aholi represents the dazzling colors of the summer season, when the flowers are in full bloom and a plentiful harvest is growing.

Carrying a staff and wearing colors of red, blue, yellow and white, Aholi assists Eototo in bringing rain to the villages.


Hopi Carved Ahola Katsina DollA wise chief that appears on First and Second Mesa bringing prayers for health, happiness and longevity, Ahola performs on the first night of the Powamuya Ceremony, officially beginning Katsina season.

The next morning, Ahola and his assistant, Ahola Mana, travel to each home and kiva in the area, drawing four horizontal stripes of cornmeal near each front entrance as a prayer for rain. At each stop, the women inside come out to sprinkle them with cornmeal in exchange for corn seeds in their baskets.

These three figures play important roles in the Powamuya Ceremony, bringing with them the excitement of a new season and the promise of a bountiful harvest to come.

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