The original tomahawks served more as tools than weapons. These pieces, utilizing stone or animal jawbones, were also used in seasonal and friendship ceremonies. In some cases, passing over a tribal tomahawk was a sign of good faith during treaty negotiations.
These symbols have become widely known and loved, although they’re a bit misunderstood. For example, a common belief is that Native Americans used tomahawks for scalping. Truth is it was very rare that this happened.
Tomahawks, like everything, eventually advanced. Now made from brass or iron, tomahawks are decorated to suit the personal tastes of the owner. Most designs include turquoise, stone, and feathers, though some include intricate designs with rare stones and pottery sherds. There are so many different styles, it’s hard to predict what you’re going to find when you start browsing. However, each tomahawk has something uniquely beautiful about it, so each is sure to impress.
Tomahawks are available in a myriad of styles, shapes, and sizes, and each was made for a different purpose. As we said, most tomahawks were used as tools, but some were used as weapons. The tomahawk served the warrior well as a hunting tool or as a hand weapon.
Shopping for a friend?
We have several tomahawk styles available at Kachina House, including leather- or rawhide-wrapped stone, animal jawbone, and wood-burned handles with stone. Authentic tomahawks make the perfect gift for the history buff or anyone interested in Native American culture. Browse through the tomahawks available on our site and order today!

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