For a long time, people have awed over the beauty and complexity of the Navajo rug. The style is so distinct that you can’t mistake it for anything else. Of course, plenty of knock-offs exist, and you’ll want to watch out for these. After all, knock-off doesn’t mean imitation – it means cheap imitation. So, you’re getting a mediocre craft, where you could get a beautiful and rich woven craft, containing in it the heritage and aesthetic of the Navajo people.

Take advantage of the authentic Navajo rugs at Kachina House and add an incredible piece of art to your home. As a rug, these can add distinct beauty and comfort to your floor. Likewise, they work great as wall hangings, making for a unique piece of art that will set your home apart from most others.

Browse through our selection of Navajo rugs and let us know if you have any questions. We will gladly help to adorn your home with these pieces of art and of our country’s incredible heritage.