Native American Culture & Jewelry


When you look at Navajo jewelry and artifacts, you can actually see history in each piece. Native Americans are well known for the impressive works of art the skilled tribe produces. Each piece was created by a warm set of loving hands that bring culture and technical skill to this beautiful art form; not created by a machine in some country you have never heard of.



We know there is history in each piece, but what is the story? What history lies behind the charm on your neck?



First, transport your mind and soul back to the mid-19th century. The Navajo tribe originally adapted silversmithing skills from the people on the trade route connections and particularly from the Spanish Conquistadors. You can see the Spanish influence in the Naja, which is fashioned after the fancy bridles of the Conquistadors’ horses. One can also find pieces very similar to the conchas on the saddles of the Spanish. The earliest personal jewelry of the Navajo includes many silver pendants in crescent or animal shapes. The Navajo began trading their jewelry and accessories, complete with cherished turquoise stones, and the trade for these is still very strong.


The Navajo tribe considers the turquoise stone sacred and precious. Jewelry pieces that incorporate these visually stunning turquoise stones show the skill of the artist, the wealth of the wearer of the piece, and also they protect the wearer from sickness and harm.


An amazing fact about Navajo Jewelry is that many of the ancient techniques and materials are still used today.


Whatever piece of jewelry you choose, you will be carrying a piece of the Native American Indian culture and helping keep this ancient tradition alive.