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Wuyak-kuita the Broadface Katsina

Every spiritual path has its protectors. The Puebloan belief system employs Katsinam to act as guards during ceremonies and as guides for mankind.   Dolls and figurines have always played a sacred role in spiritual and cultural ritual and ceremony. The Katsina doll isn’t a toy; rather it is a symbol of the Katsina that… Continue Reading

April is Hopi Kwiyamuya

April is Hopi Kwiyamuya

The Hopi people are known for their peaceful nature and isolated lifestyle. Their culture is filled with spiritual reverence and community service. Throughout the life of a Hopi milestones are celebrated with gifts of various Katsinam which are given to mark achievements and honors. The Katsinam play a vital role in ceremonies and celebrations. Katsinam… Continue Reading

Celebrating Hakitonmuya (the waiting period)

  May is the beginning of the end of Katsina season. Specifically May, is Hakitonmuya (the waiting period), the period for planting beans, squash, and melons outside and waiting for warmer weather to plant the corn outdoors. This is the period of waiting for warmer weather.   The ceremonies and activities for this season include… Continue Reading