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Gourd Art Guru Robert Rivera

Gourd art is a beautiful creation, common among many Nations and tribes. The artist will dry a gourd over the course of a few months before its ready for painting. The paintings are often based upon ancient petroglyph art.   Since 1978, Robert Rivera has been creating beautiful art with ordinary gourds of all shapes… Continue Reading

Motherhood Made Easier: The Native American Cradleboard

Similar to many mothers (and fathers) these days, Native American mothers of the past had many responsibilities while raising and taking care of the children. Always on the move or doing something, babies were generally placed in a cradleboard, also known as a baby carrier.   An infant was (and still is) considered to be… Continue Reading

What are Zuni Fetishes?

Like many cultures, the Zuni Native Americans have many cultural traditions handed down from generation to generation. To represent and pass on their traditions, the Zuni people are known for their gift of being talented and prolific carvers of fascinating artifacts. In addition to painting, pottery and jewelry making, Zuni Indians are also known for… Continue Reading