Depicted in jewelry, used in ceremonies and given as awards, feathers play an important role in Native American culture and spiritual life. Symbols of honor, trust, freedom, wisdom and more, feathers are prized possessions to those who have the honor to receive them.

A part of Native American tradition that dates back hundreds of years, feathers were originally given to honor warriors’ successes in battle.

Of course, not all feathers are equal in significance and those that are considered the rarest and most honorable gift are the feathers of the eagle. Just as the eagle itself represents strength and honor to the Native American people, so does the eagle feather.  It is believed that this incredible creature’s strength is passed on to the feather’s owner, making its presentation to an individual even more special. Feathers are also used for cleansing the spirit during smudging.

Being awarded a feather is one of the greatest honors a Native American can receive, and once one is given it should be hung in the home or worn with care; never again allowed to touch the ground.

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