Dream Walking in Native American Culture

Dream Walking in Native American Culture

Dreams are significant to Native American cultures as they open new worlds beyond a normal comprehension of reality. Once dream realms are opened, dreamwalkers work within them to heal, teach, and unite with elderhearts. The ways in which dreamwalkers enter these worlds are very fascinating.

Shaman Ritual

Shamanism is practiced all over the globe, not just within Native American culture. But for tribal people, the Shaman is a healer with unmatched capability. They use their special powers to combine natural and supernatural forces of the earth to protect their people.

To understand the collective unconscious, modern-day practitioners of Shaman ritual walk through dreams using vision quest, drumming, and chanting. The Shaman is able to pass in between the present and future to connect a chain of events.

Vision Quest

A key component of the vision quest healers embark on to explore dreams is meditation. The healer traditionally finds a place in the wilderness to begin this journey, isolating themselves from distraction, and planting themselves in a 10-foot circle marking the beginning of their quest.

Meditation brings the individual to the present moment, stopping all wandering thought and focusing on the actual vision awakening them. In certain Native American cultures, the vision quest may include a fasting ritual in which the individual must go days without food or water.

After the quest is concluded, the seeker finds evidence in a rock, feather, or some other natural relic significant to their vision. This experience is deeply personal, while at the same time taking the individual out of the physical body.

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3 Responses to Dream Walking in Native American Culture

  1. I was very sick and almost died two years ago. I had serval visions that I told my wife about and I have no memory of them.
    First one I had a spirit horse that was stuck in the mud and I had to pull him out. 2nd one, I had several native Americans praying for me. They were dancing around a fire. 3rd, I was in a cave and I was telling my wife in detail about the painting on the wall. Then the Indian was taking me to the other side, he said it was a shortcut. My wife said she was telling me not to go with him and to come back to her. She said I was arguing with her telling her it would be OK if I went with him.

    • An interesting vision. The spirit horse is most likely you….the Native Americans might be guardians from the spirit world who watch out for you…..the painting on the wall could be your life story and you were telling your wife about your life/lives….the Indian taking you to the shortcut and your wife telling you not to go was what is commonly called a portal where you can choose whether to return to earth or to move to the next realm. I would certainly look into it through a spiritual guide…one that knows the akashic records and is highly regarded. Best of luck in your quest.

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