Monthly Archives: October 2012

Native American Pottery, Artifacts, and Navajo Kachinas at the Smoky Mountain Gift Show

On November 7th through 10th, buyers for stores all around the country will meet at the Gatlinburg Convention Center in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, surrounded by the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, for the opportunity to preview the finest products available. Trade shows have attracted buyers and vendors to this location in Tennessee for almost 50 years, providing… Continue Reading

Navajo Rugs at Kachina House

For a long time, people have awed over the beauty and complexity of the Navajo rug. The style is so distinct that you can’t mistake it for anything else. Of course, plenty of knock-offs exist, and you’ll want to watch out for these. After all, knock-off doesn’t mean imitation – it means cheap imitation. So,… Continue Reading