Native American Woman with an Eagle

According to Native American teachings, the Great Spirit gave us the Seven Grandfathers, wise and powerful spirits who are responsible for watching over us. The grandfathers’ wisdom helps us to understand how to behave toward one another and live a life in balance and harmony.

Each of the seven grandfather teachings is themed around a value and represented by an animal.

Humility: The Wolf

The wolf puts the needs of his pack above his own and understands that there is a greater power that exists. Live selflessly, understanding and appreciating your place in the natural world and your society.

Bravery: The Bear

Mother bears bravely face their fears to protect their young. Overcoming our fears will allow us to uncover our true spirit. Use your inner strength to face life’s challenges with courage and achieve your goals.

Honesty: The Raven

Be honest with others, as well as with yourself. Recognize and accept that we are who we are and always strive to be truthful and honorable in the face of a difficult situation.

Wisdom: The Beaver

Beavers are wise enough to know how to use their natural gifts to survive and build a community. Emulate the beaver and do not let your spirit weaken. Use your natural capabilities and traits wisely to grow and contribute to the world.

Native American Woman with an EagleLove: The Eagle

The eagle flies the highest of all, closest to the Creator. Its teaching, love, is at the core of all the other teachings, and should be at the core of how we behave toward ourselves and others. Once must always have love because that is the driving force of our spirit.

Truth: The Turtle

The turtle carries all human knowledge on its back. Live your life with honor and sincerity and understand that the journey is as important as the destination.

Respect: The Buffalo

The buffalo gives every part of itself to sustain us, because it respects others’ needs. Treat yourself, other people and the world around you with respect, sharing what you can and avoiding waste. Always remember that giving respect, earns respect.

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