Healing of the Spirit in Native American Culture

There is a very holistic approach to healing in Native American culture, which means that the body, mind, and soul are treated together as one. Native American tribes believe that many illnesses are the result of a spiritual imbalance and implement healing methods to correct the spiritual issues.

Healing methods in the Native American culture come from their deep belief in the web of life.

Their holistic approach guides them to focus on the total individual, instead of the disease or symptoms the person is suffering from. There are many different practices that are used to heal an individual, but the choice of which to use is determined by the shaman in conjunction with the universe. The goal of their healing methods is to restore harmony within the individual and good health is reestablished when that harmonious state is achieved.

Herbal remedies, meditation and rituals are just a few of the methods used to treat spiritual imbalances.

The techniques used by healers varied across tribes, but all teachings were passed down through generations using storytelling and visions. Sweat lodges are a common method, sheltering the individual in an enclosed space and raising the temperature to sweat out the demons causing spiritual pain.

Herbs and salves were made from earth’s elements found in the surrounding environment and were sacred in the eyes of Native American tribes because of the cures that resulted. These natural remedies were used to cleanse the soul as they passed through the body. Talking circles, ceremonial dances and chants were also very popular methods used in healing solutions.

Today, Native American healing methods are still used in combination with modern medicine. They are believed to focus on different aspects of the affected individual and in some heavily populated Native American areas both traditional and modern medicine are respected.

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