One of the most thoughtful and sentimental gifts for women in your family is a jewelry box. These boxes are beautiful, useful, and can be passed down for generations. Additionally, they make caring for your jewelry fun and fashionable!


A Hopi-designed, handcarved and stained wooden jewelry box is a great addition to your Native American jewelry collection. Or maybe a Navajo ceramic box of red clay or gypsum with horsehair that was etched or a sterling silver box is more to your liking. Whatever you choose you can be sure it can create a focal point or simply complement your southwestern decor scheme–all the while, keeping your fine jewelry safe and clean.


Even if kept in storage, you should routinely clean Native American jewelry or any silver jewelry for that matter. Look for jewelry polishing cloths or wipes available at jewelry stores.


Rub the silver jewelry gently with a polishing cloth. If you use the right cleaner, you will not scratch the jewelry. You can employ this same method on your sterling silver jewelry box as well.


Store the jewelry box and all jewelry in a cool, dry place to avoid moisture. This helps prevent both your jewelry and your jewelry box from tarnishing. You might want to consider keeping some pieces in either cloth bags or Ziploc plastic bags and then placing them inside your jewelry box.