Identifying Real Native American Baskets


Native American artifacts are sought because the pieces are stunning and unique. Native American baskets, for example, are visually captivating and valuable, so it is no wonder that attempts are made to mimic this look.


Selling non-Native made baskets is not a crime as long as the vendor represented them as such and charged you accordingly. Knowing how to identify authentic pieces will allow you to make the best investment.


The first thing to look at is the material. Is the basket made of grass, wicker, wood, or tree bark? Get a basket identification book to help compare materials. You can determine which region the basket came from simply by the materials.


Look at the construction and style of the basket. Do you notice weaving patterns like a sifter or coiled work as a plaque basket? Tribes construct baskets in various ways; each has a distinct characteristic to the basket, so this helps in identification.


Look at the designs and motifs on the basket and compare them to others as well as the basket identification book.


If you have doubts, consult an auction house or a company that specializes in genuine Native American artifacts. This process is worth the effort to ensure that your purchase is authentic Native American made.