Monthly Archives: June 2013

Navajo Baskets and Decor

Native American artifacts and Navajo decor make the perfect theme for a cozy living room. This decor scheme also works perfect in southern vacation homes, cabins, and hunting lodges, so it’s no wonder it’s becoming a big trend. There are a few key elements to keep in mind, like the color scheme, storage style, and… Continue Reading

Wedding Vases

The Wedding Vase plays a significant role in Native American weddings, historically and currently. Representing the husband and wife, the vase embodies the unity of the new couple. This sacred tradition has a beautiful process, from creation through the wedding and celebrations; afterwards, it becomes a permanent treasure. Ancient ceremonies included a liquid from the… Continue Reading

Hopi in June

As the Katsina season closes in on the final few weeks of ceremonies, the Hopi people celebrate Wuko’uyis during the month of June. This is an important time for botany, food growth, and most importantly, the time to plant corn. The corn must receive a blessing of rain, which will promote growth, affording healthy, mature… Continue Reading