Monthly Archives: March 2013

Introducing Jemez Potter Joshua Madalena

Potters continually develop and enhance their work with new materials and techniques. Materials change as communities thrive, creating ever-changing art for many to enjoy. The Jemez people of the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico, dug rich, white clay. This clay allowed the potter to produce botanical designs and dark black carbon marks in the pottery… Continue Reading

The Beauty Behind Horse Hair Pottery

Native American pottery pieces are historically and aesthetically pleasing in any home, especially unique works of art like horse hair pottery and railroad jewelry. We previously posted on the intriguing history behind railroad jewelry, and now it’s time to venture into horse hair pottery.                      … Continue Reading

Native American Jewelry Boxes and Accessories

One of the most thoughtful and sentimental gifts for women in your family is a jewelry box. These boxes are beautiful, useful, and can be passed down for generations. Additionally, they make caring for your jewelry fun and fashionable!   A Hopi-designed, handcarved and stained wooden jewelry box is a great addition to your Native… Continue Reading

Identifying Real Native American Baskets

Identifying Real Native American Baskets   Native American artifacts are sought because the pieces are stunning and unique. Native American baskets, for example, are visually captivating and valuable, so it is no wonder that attempts are made to mimic this look.   Selling non-Native made baskets is not a crime as long as the vendor… Continue Reading