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The Hopi Ceremonial Calendar

  The Hopi people have their own unique calendar that coincides with the cycles of the sun. The ceremonial calendar is divided into two sections—Katsina Season and non-Katsina Season.   During the summer months of the non-Katsina Season, Hopi villagers operate on a regular harvesting schedule. This time includes the Tala’paamuya (August), Nasanmuya (September), Toho’osmuy… Continue Reading

Handbuilt Pottery by Mata Ortiz

If you study the indigenous cultures through time, most societies were found to have developed pottery, particularly if they were a farming culture. Native North American tribes used pottery for hundreds of years before the Europeans arrived, and their arrival brought additional techniques to create pottery and textiles that have shaped the way we see… Continue Reading

Mudhead Katsina

  Mudhead Katsinam get their name from their characteristically round and mud-covered masks. They are also known by their Zuni name, Koyemsi.   According to ancient Zuni lore, the Mudhead is neither a man nor a Katsina. Owing to disgraceful events of inter-clan relationships, the Mudhead was brought into being to dissuade the Zuni from… Continue Reading