Native American Wedding Vases

With wedding season upon us, look to the Native American wedding vase ceremony for inspiration for your upcoming nuptials or for a beautiful and thoughtful wedding gift. The Native American wedding vase tradition has been followed by tribes in the southwest for hundreds of years. Traditionally made by the groom’s parents, the wedding vase is created utilizing clay from a local riverbed. Each vase has two spouts, a connecting bridge, and a base that contains the ceremonial nectar. The two spouts represent the bride and the groom as individuals while the rounded base represents the couple’s new life together, as well as the spiritual bond they now share. The loop beneath the bridge symbolizes the circle of life. In the traditional ceremony, the couple drink nectar (prepared by the medicine man) from the spouts to represent the blending their lives.

The wedding vase ceremony is a treasured part of Native American culture, and the vase itself is cherished by the couple throughout their life together.

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