Native American people are known for traditional values and behaviors, many of which families across the world work to emulate. Here’s a look into the most well-known and widely acknowledged.


Native Americans are known for their respect and acceptance of other cultures. They do not verbalize their opinions about others’ affairs or issues unless they are directly asked and they respect all living things.

Work Ethic

In Native American life and tradition, all work has a specific purpose. This means that from schoolwork to day-to-day work at a job, Native Americans often are driven, focused, and committed to the task at hand.


Native Americans are very spiritual in their stories, songs and traditions. They celebrate the spiritual world as it is a part of everything. Whether you are discussing hobbies, work, or a family’s history with a Native American person, you can expect spirituality to come up.


Native Americans encourage one another to listen and observe the world around them, so when they are interacting with others, you may notice that they are quiet and observant. Not only is this a sign of respect, it also allows them the opportunity to truly witness what is happening in the world around them.

These values are all present in Native American wares. For example, their dedication to spirituality and quietness can be observed in their detailed artifacts, pottery, Katsinam and hand-woven baskets.

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