how to wear a bolo tieA Century of Sophistication

The bolo tie has been around for nearly a century, but its precise origin is unknown. What is known is that they were largely made by silversmiths among the Native American nations of the American Southwest such as the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Pueblo nations. Today, it’s the official tie of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. It has expanded far beyond its Native American origins relative to who crafts them and is now worn by all groups of people worldwide. Many of the best are still handmade by the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni.

Occasions for Wearing a Bolo Tie

As it becomes an everyday accessory for men, it makes sense that bolo ties can be worn for formal or informal occasions. There are multiple ways to wear one depending on the occasion, and there are three particular ways that men should remember when learning how to wear a bolo tie. Women can also wear bolo ties for less formal occasions.

What Are The Three Ways for Men?

The most formal method can be used for business or other occasions. To start, button your shirt all the way up. Next, tighten the clasp and keep it up around your collar. With the right suit, you’ll look stylish and professional while still expressing yourself in a unique way.

Method number two is more casual and can be worn to informal get-togethers, dinners or certain events. Leave your top shirt button undone, keep the clasp slightly loose and place the clasp just underneath the open button. It looks more relaxed, and it’s a good look if you can pull it off.

The third method is the most relaxed of all and can be worn during outdoor activities. A loose clasp nearing the bottom of the tie can go well with a denim jacket or a tank top. It’s a stylish ensemble that anyone can wear, and Native American men wear them all three ways.

What Are The Ways for Women?

The most common way is similar to the relaxed method for men. Wear the clasp loose near the tips. This way, it can resemble a necklace. It’s most suitable as a casual look.

Now that you know how to wear a bolo tie, it doesn’t hurt to get a few with clasp designs that you like. Many traditional southwestern Native designs are popular with the general public, and, when worn respectfully, they allow you to express yourself like few other ties. Shop a wide selection of authentic and handmade Native American bolos at Kachina House. Visit our website today.