Native American mother and child

There is nothing more special than the love of a mother for her children. Mothers know best when it comes to taking care of their loved ones, and Navajo women are perhaps some of the strongest in the area of independence and power.

Occupying a vital position in Navajo life, Navajo women are “at the core of social and economic control in their culture,” according to Women have traditionally owned the land and livestock and are potters and weavers. Navajo society is matrilineal rather than patrilineal, where a Navajo person will introduce him or herself using the name of the maternal clan followed by the paternal clan.

Native American mother and childAn article from Indian Country Today discussed the strong, independent nature of Navajo women and their ties to the Changing Woman. The primary deity of Navajo religion, Changing Woman represents the roles a woman takes on in her lifetime, according to Changing Woman was the first mother in the Navajo creation story; she gave birth to twin boys who later became cultural heroes. Navajo women teach their children about the importance of water and plants, about religion and tradition, and about gathering and preparing food.

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