Dreamcatchers can be simple and elegant, or have its web interwoven with many intricacies. With whatever form you choose the goal is simple; to let good dreams pass through and stop the bad dreams before they enter our sleeping mind. There is an Ojibwe legend about the dreamcatchers; it is believed that each carefully woven web will catch your dreams in the night air. The bad dreams will become entangled in the web, and the good dreams will always pass through and slide down the feathers into your mind.

Each dreamcatcher is made using a round reed, yarn, beads, and feathers. But you can certainly be creative if you are making one at home for yourself or a loved one. We also have a great selection of Native American Navajo Made Dreamcatchers in our store.

On the same line of keeping the good in and the evil out, medicine wheels are meant to bring in good medicine and keep out misfortune and harm. The spokes on the medicine wheel represent the four sacred directions there is also a center cairn, and an outer ring to the wheel.

Every wheel seems to be unique, in having its own style to reflect the person making it. Many times people attach a bag to the wheel filling it with personal items from your family, such as hair or nail clippings. By filling the bag with items from your family, you are asking the spirits to protect your loved ones and keep them safe.

Medicine wheels also come in all shapes and sizes; we offer key chains to 12 inch diameter pieces. One of the largest medicine wheels is located in Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming on the western peak of Medicine Mountain. Click the link to see an overview of this national historic landmark.