Decorating your community room with a Native American theme will add culture and a relaxing mood to the room. Each home needs at least one room with a unique theme to offset boredom and improve the quality of life. So, why not go with an authentic and artistic culture?


When preparing your theme, first picture the main colors you see in common Navajo artifacts. Earth tones with red trimming, right? Start with the walls, since this is a common room, less is more. Paint the walls a neutral tan or brown color, maybe adding a red border along the perimeter of the ceiling. Native American Paintings and artifacts will stand out against the neutral colors when hung on the wall.


Kachina Dolls, Pottery, and Dream Catchers all make phenomenal accent pieces for end tables, mantles and other bare surfaces. Whatever accent you choose, there is one must-have for every Native American themed room: a Navajo rug.
The Navajo Rug is a luxurious, handcrafted centerpiece for a room, and it ties the entire room together. The most important thing when looking at Navajo rugs is to ensure that it is a genuine rug, and that you are not purchasing a Ukrainian knock-off. For more information on how to tell if yours is genuine, please visit


Our Favorite Navajo Rugs for Decorating Dens


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