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Congratulation to 2013 Hoop Dance World Champion, Brian Hammill!

Our friend, Brian Hammill, has achieved yet another impressive accomplishment! Brian was named the 2013 Hoop Dance World Champion, again! A veteran of the United States Army, Brian hails from southern Wisconsin, but now resides here in Arizona. Brian has been an accomplished Native-American hoop dancer for quite some time now, consistently receiving praise and… Continue Reading

The History Behind Native American Railroad Jewelry

Native American Railroad Jewelry brings history, culture, and beauty to any look. This trend originated with Fred Harvey (1835-1901), he was a true pioneer in cultural tourism. In the late 1800s, he¬†staged “Indian Detours” where tourists could see Native Americans going about their daily lives. These tours showed eastern tourists the Native American way, and… Continue Reading

A Quick History on Navajo Jewelry

Native American Culture & Jewelry   When you look at Navajo jewelry and artifacts, you can actually see history in each piece. Native Americans are well known for the impressive works of art the skilled tribe produces. Each piece was created by a warm set of loving hands that bring culture and technical skill to… Continue Reading