Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hemis Katsina and the Grinding Maidens

Few representations of a rich culture are displayed in quite the same artistic way as the Hemis Katsina. Vibrant colors and a unique headdress give this doll a virtual life of its own. This Native American Hopi is home to the summer months, noted as appearing typically in July at the Home-Going ceremony (Niman). The… Continue Reading

Dreamcatchers in Detail

Dreamcatchers can be simple and elegant, or have its web interwoven with many intricacies. With whatever form you choose the goal is simple; to let good dreams pass through and stop the bad dreams before they enter our sleeping mind. There is an Ojibwe legend about the dreamcatchers; it is believed that each carefully woven… Continue Reading

Bury the Hatchet

Ever wonder where the phrase “Bury the hatchet” came from? Many people don’t realize that we have the Native Americans to thank for this popular peacemaking phrase. The first part of this story begins with the tomahawk. Tomahawks were the invention of the Algonquian and Iroquoian Indians. They were used both as weapons and tools… Continue Reading

Katsina in July: Talangva

Talangva is the climax of the Katsina season. July hosts the Niman ceremony, a home-going ritual to close the Katsina season. This is the time for plant growth and expression of appreciation as the peoples’ prayers have been answered. The joy and appreciation for the blessings from Katsinam are celebrated at Niman. This celebration begins… Continue Reading