The Native American Healing Hand

The Native American Healing Hand

There is an abundance of symbolism throughout Native American culture and tradition. One symbol that is universally recognized is the healing hand. Although many may take a liking to the design, very few know the origin of this symbol and what the healing hand represents.

Symbols are utilized by Native Americans in their art, ceremonies, and daily life including drawn portrayals of celestials, natural phenomena or animals.

The solid hand symbol in Native American culture was sometimes displayed on the body of those who won in hand-to-hand combat. Warriors would don this symbol when going into battle to prove their skills and intimidate the opposing force. The hand represented a human life and was believed to transfer energy to the individual that the symbol was placed on.

Native American Healing Hand Symbol on a Clay PotThe Healer’s Hand combines the hand with a spiral to create a powerful symbol of healing and protection.

The spiral was derived from Native American solar hieroglyphics and is known as the symbol for eternity or for the path of our existence on earth. The Healer’s Hand was said to have the curative powers of the tribe’s Shaman, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Shaman’s Hand. This symbol holds therapeutic energy and is worn still today by those searching for its curative powers. By displaying this symbol around your neck or in your home, it is said to bring luck, health, and fortune.

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4 Responses to The Native American Healing Hand

    • No Susan, it is not wrong, and the healing hand symbol is not just used by Native Americans. You can find it in many cultures with slight variations. I have worn a healing hand symbol pendant for years, alongside a Christian cross, and a symbol for the Hopi Universe. I call it “my covering the bases” necklace. I believe everyone has some idea of what happens after this life, but I don’t think anyone really has it totally right. Wear it and enjoy it!!!

      • It’s a weight off my shoulders hearing you say so! Since I was a child, I wore a necklace my grandmother gave me with the healing hand symbol on it. Anytime I felt scared or abandoned, I held it and imagined it healing all of my anxieties away. It just recently broke, and I was worried it would be frowned upon to replace. I love what you’re doing here, keep it up <3

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