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Celebrate The Bean Dance Ceremony With a 20% Off Coupon!

Celebrating Powamuya   In our previous post, we told you the magic behind the Hopi ceremonial calendar, and the February bean dance celebration. For this month and the bean dance celebration, the Hopi celebrate with Katsina dolls. The celebration consists of prayer and sacrifice, followed by dancing in the Kivas. The Chief announces the ceremony,… Continue Reading

Powamuya – February: The Bean Dance Ceremony

  Further into Powamuya   As February draws near, let’s look into The Bean Dance Ceremony and the history behind it. The Katsina aided the Hopi in their preparations for the next growing season. This was also the time to imitate small children into the society. This ceremony, the bean dance, promotes the gestation and… Continue Reading

The Hopi Ceremonial Calendar – Coming up in February: Powamuya

The Hopi name derives from the name Hopituh Shi-nu-mu, which translates into “The Peaceful Little People”. Their days consist of celebrating a beautiful religion, which is based upon helping others. The education of this religion begins during early childhood, with the gifting of tithu dolls. These dolls represent the katsinum, and are meant as a… Continue Reading